Stress – Portrait of a Killer

Stress affects all of us but does it really hurt us? The following video may be quite an eye opener for you. I highly recommend that you watch it. It may save your very life.

Personal update below video

This was originally posted just before I left a high stressed job. Before leaving that job I was having a migraine aura pretty frequently. Sometimes it was accompanied by pain. Sometimes it was just the aura which effectively blinded me for 20 or more minutes. I would have one anywhere from twice a week to two or three times a month. It has now been close to 2 years since the job change. Only twice since then have I had one of those auras.

Migraine auras have been linked to both strokes and heart attacks. As you learned in the video stress also links you to many health problems.

Not everyone has the choice to leave a high stressed job. Sometimes they are in a position they don’t know how to change. However, if you are trapped like that, find some way to relieve your stress and put more joy into your life.

Joy has a way of helping you to heal from the effects of stress. Do what you can to both reduce stress and increase joy for a healthier, happier life.


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    If only more educators could embrace this way of thinking. Great Post!

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