Glenda Williams

Who Is Glenda Williams?

Who is Glenda Williams? Well, that would be me! But I am not the poker player, the preacher, or the professor. I am not the singer either! But I do like to sing when no one else is around, so as not to upset someone’s sensitivities. Oh! I am not the tee shirt designer either. As you might have guessed, there are a lot of other people around who are also called Glenda Williams.

In case you would like to know who I am… I am just a plain ordinary lady with an extraordinary interest in so many of life’s beautiful things. I love people, pets, and things of beauty. I have a strong faith in God which has helped me through a lot of tough times. I believe I was born to nurture, encourage, and maybe aggravate a bit too. After all, you just gotta have some fun.

It has been my fortune to have had the experience of being a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and also home caregiver for several family members. I have also taken the time to further my academic pursuits in several different fields including business, management,  marketing, nutrition and health. In addition, I have enjoyed professional experiences in healthcare and private home care.

These days, I mostly work online. I have lost count of the number of websites that I have built for either my own use or for some local businesses. I keep up to date by being active in several online business communities.

Most of what you find here is designed to uplift and encourage you, so that you can live your life, each and every single day, in the best way humanly possible. You must find time to do the things that interest you. Do a little shopping now and then. Make time for those loved ones, because they are precious and you never know how long they will be with you. When you determine to live with a clear purpose in your life, you will then find that you do indeed have a life worth living.

Thank you for being with me here and I hope that you enjoy the rest of my site. Come back soon. You hear?

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