Watch Your Health Over the Holidays

Thanksgiving began a season of holidays for people of many cultures. At the time of this writing it is less than a week until Christmas. Those who are dieting generally throw their diets out the window until the first of the year. People give gifts of food to show appreciation to those who have helped them over the past year. Those food gifts are often laden with extra fat, sugar and simple carbohydrates that can spell trouble for those whose health is already compromised.  What do you do?

If you are the giver, try to  find recipes that are healthy or can be made healthy.  If you are the recipient then consider your present health before consuming.  If you are reasonably healthy then enjoy in moderation. If you are already health compromised then it might be better to just take a taste and pass the rest on to someone else.

Food is not the only challenge over the holidays.  Many people become stressed because of  finances, lack of time, having to deal with difficult people and many more things. Then there is the shopping. Can you believe how many people crowd into the stores these days? If you know what you want then it probably is sold out and can’t be found.  If you don’t know what you want then you are likely to be lured in to something that you really can’t afford.

Even though time is at a premium you really do need to take the time to take care of yourself. If you skip meals because you are rushed then you are likely to make even more bad choices later.  Plan ahead what you will eat when you have a lack of time. Prepare some healthy portable snacks that will get you through without a sugar rush followed by a crash. You would be surprised how satisfying some apple slices spread with some peanut butter can be.

Place a limit on how late you will stay up and make sure that you get enough sleep. Take some of that precious time to just relax. Spend a few minutes with candles lit and soak in the tub. Refresh your spirit with morning devotions or meditation. If you start your day early enough then you will have a bit of time for yourself before dealing with the rest of the world.

Planning ahead and doing things just a little at a time can save you from having a stressed out holiday.  It may be too late this year to plan ahead but check out Flylady’s Holiday Control Journal  at for ideas that will enable you to enjoy future holidays without having to deal with so much stress.

I truly hope that you have a Merry Christmas and happy New Year. Keep your holidays happy by remembering to take care of your health as you go along. Your family will thank you for being there with them.




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