Too Many Hobbies and Interests?

too many hobbiesWhen my youngest son was in his teens it was difficult to get through his room. One day while he was gone I decided to “get it organized” myself. What I discovered was that he had no less than 13 different hobbies which all required some kind of gear. It was all in his bedroom. Needless to say, some of that gear found it’s way into a storeroom.

Now I find that he got that tendency naturally. Although I can’t say that I have that many hobbies or interests, (I really don’t want to count them), there are quite a few that I have myself. Fortunately, they don’t all require space for some kind of “gear”.

Having a lot of different interests does present another kind of problem. It is a time problem. There are many things that I would like to do but never get to do. For instance, I love to draw and paint but rarely actually take the time to do it. I love to sew and be creative with decorative stitching. Only recently, have I gotten back into that.

I love to read for pleasure, for education, and for spiritual refreshment. To relax before bed I often play a game of solitare as that uses my mind just enough to tune out the rest of the world. I love animals and have rescued a number of cats and dogs over the years.

I love to learn new things to the point that it is almost an addiction. My first computer meant lots of new stuff to learn. When I first got online with my second computer that opened up a whole new world. We will not go into all the different things I have studied.

The television is usually turned off in my home except for a few specific time periods so I can watch the few programs I do want to spend time on. When I was growing up and when my sons were growing up the TV was usually on most of our waking hours. I have wondered just what the impact is on TV in American homes now that most homes also have the internet.

Whether on a computer, a tablet, or on a smart phone I believe that there probably are more people on the internet at any given time than sitting watching television. What do you think?

Do you have a lot of different interests but have little time to pursue them? We are not getting any younger you know. It might be a good idea to prioritize the things that really matter to us. If something is not a priority in this day and age….it probably isn’t going to be done.

Your thoughts are welcome.

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    • Jo
    • August 9, 2015

    Hello – if I hadn’t had a zillion interests when my kids were small I would have gone mad! Child care was sorted and only the essentials as far as domestics were concerned. I had post natal depression and being a young mum just wasn’t ‘me’. My chief interests were and are art, writing, the wild west and travel. And a lot else besides. Canoeing, film, history, architecture, medicine, space research… blah blah. And the older I get the more I want to do. Being comfortable in retirement doesn’t hack it. I wanna Live! Yay!


      • Glenda
      • August 9, 2015

      Hi Jo,
      Nice to meet you. I had to take a look at your site… and it fascinated me. When I was young one of my hobbies was following around after my Dad and shooting the old pump style 22 rifle. I was called Annie Oakley too since I beat my brother after he got out of the Air Force and qualified as expert marksman. Glad that you found some hobbies to keep you sane when your children were small. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Your site is awesome.

  1. Reply

    My trouble is the older I get the more hobbies I accrue! I sure don’t look on it as a negative, but I do find that I have limited time for some over others. I wish I had more time to focus on WA stuff but with travel and photography high on my list, computers sometimes fall into third place – also love wine, diy…and loads more!

      • Glenda
      • August 21, 2014

      I did not have any hobbies when my kids were small. There was no time to even consider it. Now that I am older, there are more and more things I want to do. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Reply

    I saw one of your responses to a blog on WA where you mentioned namesilo, which I have now purchased from. I’ve tracked you from there.

    This is so true and I think prioritising can equally be a daunting task. I have now decided I need different days for different things. Hopefully that ways I can attend to a many things I love to do. It is not easy even doing that.

    We just have to learn to say no to some things.

      • Glenda
      • July 30, 2014

      Thank you for your interest and reply. I too find that it is necessary to divide my time. If I don’t then one interest can captivate me enough to take it all.

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