Teva Hiking Boots

I have to admit to being out of the loop. Last night my oldest Grandson was hunting down a pair of Teva Hiking Boots. I had never heard of them before. Why, I asked are you looking for that particular brand? He told me that he had researched it and they seemed to be the toughest brand out there.

With his hobbies it is understandable why he would want a pair of shoes with exceptional durability. He loves to fish, hike, and now he also has a 4 wheeler from which he has had to jump off when it was overturning.  Did I mention that my hair is turning grey?

All of his activities mean any shoe that he wears  is going to take a beating. He will be in or near the water, on trails, in the woods, etc,etc,etc.

Being the curious type I had to look them up for myself. It seems that they carry much more than just hiking boots. They also have the Tevasphere Speed and Tevasphere Trail shoes. The company claims to have boots, shoes, and sandals  that are built to last through your craziest adventures

These are not cheap shoes but they do all seem to be pretty reasonable for the high quality that is built in. The construction of the shoe bears in mind the fact that our feet are naturally spherical in shape. The do not contact the ground from just one angle. The shoe is created for a more natural point of impact. Many of the shoes are constructed using material that is designed to get wet. In the winter it is good to also have the waterproof kind available.

Teva Speed


Stability is built in to give support while also giving the feeling of more freedom. It seems that many manufacturers have been focusing on what they call minimalistic footwear but at the cost of stability and support. These shoes have been designed to provide both comfort and support. one thing that you may need to know is that these shoes tend to run just a bit narrow so if you have a wide foot you may need to go up a half size.

The stability bar that is found on many of these shoes is helpful for those who have bad knees or bad backs. The shoe helps to keep the foot in a proper position. If however, you are one who does not do well with arch supports remember to read the reviews on individual shoes as a couple of people have had issues with that. As for me a good support is needed and appreciated.