Brother 1034D

Brother 1034D Serger with Differential Feed

Are you a home sewer? I have recently updated to the Brother 1034D 3 or 4 thread serger with easy lay threading and differential feed. I love this machine. It makes sewing a pleasure. There are many who use regular sewing machines at home but are afraid to try serging. The overlocks (sergers) of old were hard to thread and even more difficult to change a stitching style from regular serging to creating a rolled hem or a flatlock stitch. I used to struggle with my old machine when settings needed to be changed.

My new machine has settings that make it much easier to go from one stitching style to another. It is easy to thread with the color coded markings and clear instructions. This machine has a differential feed that can be easily adjusted to allow gathering where you want it or to keep thin, stretchy fabrics from stretching out of shape.

Although there are more expensive machines to choose from, this modest priced machine will do everything that I really need from a serger.

Here is an overview of this very handy machine.

Did you know that you can now do a blind hem on a serger? That means that you can finish the edge and create a hem in one step.You also can drop the knife  to avoid cutting off anymore fabric. Dropping the knife is even more important when joining fabrics together using the flatlock stitch. My older overlock didn’t have any of those features.

Just plain serging together of seams in garments or upholstery helps prevent raveling that can occur in many fabrics.

Trying to figure out the settings on my old machine was a pain. Even when it was new it could be tricky. It is now more than 20 years old. It was time for a newer more up to date model. This one worked straight out of the box like it was.  The manual gives suggestions for settings to create special effects. I am loving sewing again.

If you are already have the thread or don’t need the extras you might prefer just the machine.

Flatlock stitching is a technique useful for joining lace or other fabrics together. A rolled hem is useful for edging napkins, tablecloths, or even in light weight clothing. It is fun to see how creative I can be on my new  machine.

YouTube is full of sewing videos like the one above to make it so much easier to create things for yourself, your family or your home. Watching some of these videos has me inspired to see just what kind of projects I can come up with now.

If you are a beginning sewer then I would recommend you start with a regular sewing machine. Once you have learned the basics you will be amazed at how much more professional you can make your garments and other projects look with the aid of a good serger.  I am so glad that the machines that are available today are so much more advanced with their capabilities. This machine along with my embroidery and sewing machine just make sewing fun and much easier to do.

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