Purpose and Productivity

Photograph of a Monarch Butterfly.
Photograph of a Monarch Butterfly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you have trouble setting useful goals for yourself? In other words, do you simply go through life reacting to whatever comes your way?  I have met a lot of butterflies in my time. No, I don’t mean the beautiful creatures with wings that flutter around your flowers and bushes. I mean people.

In our quest for a life of freedom many people become butterflies. They just flutter around in their everyday lives trying to live free. Jobs, families, social responsibilites, etc. take up so much of our time that when we are left on our own, we plan to just do nothing or else react to whatever comes along.

Is that really freeing to you?  You already have so little time for the things that you really want to do in life that you may find that this attitude makes it even harder for you to accomplish anything.

While it is true that we do indeed at times just need to do nothing but rest, it is easy to fall into the habit of being totally unproductive when left to our own devices.  There is a better way.

What is your purpose for the days and weeks ahead? Do you have one? Is there some project that you want to do when you can get around to it?  It is much easier to create a goal and form a plan if you will define a purpose. Round to-its do not just happen. They must be planned.

If you want to go on a vacation then you must create a plan. You must determine whether you want to go somewhere or spend time at home. If you go somewhere then you must create some reservations and make sure that you have on hand everything you need to go to that place.

If you plan to stay at home then you must determine whether this is a time for rest where you will limit the people who know you are home, or whether you are going to use the time to complete some project.

Then you will need to plan what you need to be able to complete that project. Goals are important all along the way if you are going to be productive.

Many people set goals and form plans without thinking about it. It just comes naturally to them.  I am not talking to these people. I am talking to the people who constantly find themselves sidetracked and unable to complete the things that they start.

If you have difficulty with your own personal productivity or even have trouble being productive on the job, there are resources that can help you overcome the mindset that is hindering you.

One totally free resource is the website http://www.flylady.net This site was developed for women who could describe themselves as Sidetracked Home Executives, also known as a SHE. Over the years however, it has become a resource for many people who simply want to use their time more effectively.

To me, it is much more freeing to know that the things that I need or want to do will be completed at a certain time rather than worrying about how I am going to get something done. Then my free time is truly free so that I can plan it as I wish.

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