too many hobbies

Too Many Hobbies and Interests?

When my youngest son was in his teens it was difficult to get through his room. One day while he was gone I decided to “get it organized” myself. What I discovered was that he had no less than 13 different hobbies which all required some kind of gear. It was all in his bedroom. […]

Inspirational Messages

This week brings some inspirational messages that I hope will bless you.  I watched them on television but you can also view them online.  I hope that you enjoy them.Are you in the middle of  some difficult circumstance? It is only natural to sometimes want to just give up.  We don’t feel that we should […]

Finding Your Life Purpose

Sometimes while browsing the web you find some neat things. I would like to share this video that simplifies how to find your life purpose. I take no credit for it but am thankful to have found it. This is kind of a unique take on the subject.  

Watch Your Health Over the Holidays

Thanksgiving began a season of holidays for people of many cultures. At the time of this writing it is less than a week until Christmas. Those who are dieting generally throw their diets out the window until the first of the year. People give gifts of food to show appreciation to those who have helped […]

Good News Golf

A friend sent me the following video. I think it is pretty interesting and hope that you do too.