Mama 1988

In Memory Of My Mom

I Miss You Mama I know that all those whose lives have been touched, directly or indirectly, by Alzheimer’s have their own real stories to tell. This story is just one of many I have to tell about my Mom. She has been gone now for over 16 years but she will always be in […]

I know Who Holds My Hand

I grew up in a Christian home. My parents were good to me, loved each other and took us to church every Sunday. My first church was a Presbyterian church close to home. A little later we attended a Methodist church a little further away. In his earlier years  before I was born my Dad […]

Shark vs Dyson-In The News Again

Judge’s Ruling The battle of  Shark vs Dyson recently came to a head in a Federal court. On March 11, 2015 A Federal Judge ruled against Dyson’s motion to stop Shark from claiming that their Shark Powered Lift Away vacuum “deep cleans carpets better than Dyson’s best vacuum.” Judge Gottschall ruled that independent tests confirmed […]

country road cold foggy morning

A New Year – A New You

Happy New Year everyone. Here it is the middle of the month in January and I am just now getting around to that. 2014 was a blast! It was a great year for me and I hope for you as well. I look forward to what this year brings and will allow no pessimisim. How […]

Life Lessons On Faith

Have you ever had life throw some hard lessons at you? I have many times. Some times your faith will be tested to the limits. When you make it through it becomes a real faith builder. November 8, 1994 – That was election day but I did not get to the polls. There was just […]