I know Who Holds My Hand

I grew up in a Christian home. My parents were good to me, loved each other and took us to church every Sunday. My first church was a Presbyterian church close to home. A little later we attended a Methodist church a little further away. In his … [Continue reading]

Shark vs Dyson-In The News Again

Judge's Ruling The battle of  Shark vs Dyson recently came to a head in a Federal court. On March 11, 2015 A Federal Judge ruled against Dyson’s motion to stop Shark from claiming that their Shark Powered Lift Away vacuum "deep cleans carpets … [Continue reading]

A New Year – A New You

Happy New Year everyone. Here it is the middle of the month in January and I am just now getting around to that. 2014 was a blast! It was a great year for me and I hope for you as well. I look forward to what this year brings and will allow no … [Continue reading]

Life Lessons On Faith

Have you ever had life throw some hard lessons at you? I have many times. Some times your faith will be tested to the limits. When you make it through it becomes a real faith builder. November 8, 1994 - That was election day but I did not get to … [Continue reading]

Do You Sew – Or Would Like to?

You Tube and Brother sewing machines have made it easier for you if you have ever wanted to learn to sew.  Just view a few videos and you can learn how to deconstruct a garment you own and use it for a pattern for a new garment. You can learn how to … [Continue reading]