Inspirational Messages

This week brings some inspirational messages that I hope will bless you.  I watched them on television but you can also view them online.  I hope that you enjoy them.Are you in the middle of  some difficult circumstance? It is only natural to sometimes want to just give up.  We don’t feel that we should have to put up with this. We just want to quit.  Is this the best thing for us to do?  The following message is from Dr. Charles Stanley.  Decide for yourself.
Do you feel like you just don’t fit in with the people in your area churches. Do you feel like you would be looked down upon if you tried to go there? Did you know that Jesus did not ask you to clean up your life or to do xy or z before coming to Him? Andy Stanley talks about how Jesus shocked the people of His day.  Watch the video here on Follow. You may be blessed.

The following link takes you to a page on John Hagee’s website. This is a very inspiring message on receiving the Grace of God. If you are a believer it will inspire you and touch your heart. If you are not a believer then here is an opportunity to become one if you so choose. It is entirely up to you.

Receiving The Grace of God Have a good week.

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