Heart Attack Waiting to Happen?

Pandemic of Lifestyle Diseases
Pandemic of Lifestyle Diseases (Photo credit: colros)

Are you a heart attack waiting to happen?  My son was and he thought that he was healthy.  He rarely got sick.  How do I know that I am not as well.  We both have been under a lot of stress this year. Neither of us have used perfect dietary habits. Although I have never smoked, that is a habit that he is trying to kick to the curb. Sleep loss and a lack of exercise routine are some things we both have done.

Good health should not be taken for granted. If you do then it will catch up with you.  The doctor told my son that one of the main factors was the hidden fat around his internal organs. He was not as fit as he thought. He is stocky with a lot of muscle, but there was some fat too.

Belly fat is called visceral fat and it is dangerous. Some people have a lot of it.  Research has shown that it is connected to the development of diabetes, coronary artery disease and a host of other things that we don’t want. Get rid of it.

My son was lucky.  He got a second chance. He is trying to develop better health habits and get in shape. Will you get a second chance at life?  Some people don’t.  Start right now to take care of your health. If you will develop good health habits they will serve you a long time.

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