Good News Golf

A friend sent me the following video. I think it is pretty interesting and hope that you do too.    

A Simple Bible Verse

This morning before getting into all the Thanksgiving preparations I sat down with a cup of coffee to check my email. There a friend had sent a Bible verse and invited me to a Bible verse exchange. I am one who appreciates all the prayer she can get so this is appropriate for me. I […]

Surviving the Loss of a Loved One

Later on I may create a longer page but for now I just wanted to get a few rambling thoughts on here. A little over a month ago my husband left this life and me, our sons and the rest of our family.  Even though he had been sick a long time his passing was […]

Harvest of Hope

  Where did the year go? Every year we start out fresh with new hopes and dreams. That is unless you tend to be negative minded and have already given up.  Things happen to make it difficult to reach your goals but does that mean you should give up? This year I lost a beloved […]