What Is Coloring Books For Adults?

Color Me Stress-Free: Nearly 100 Coloring Templates to Unplug and Unwind (A Zen Coloring Book) Coloring books for adults - You might be asking yourself, "why?" This is a surprising new trend that really should not be so surprising. Adult coloring books are a fairly new thing. It … [Read more...]

Watch Your Health Over the Holidays

Thanksgiving began a season of holidays for people of many cultures. At the time of this writing it is less than a week until Christmas. Those who are dieting generally throw their diets out the window until the first of the year. People give gifts of food to show appreciation to … [Read more...]

Heart Attack Waiting to Happen?

Are you a heart attack waiting to happen?  My son was and he thought that he was healthy.  He rarely got sick.  How do I know that I am not as well.  We both have been under a lot of stress this year. Neither of us have used perfect dietary habits. Although I have never smoked, … [Read more...]

Harvest of Hope

  Where did the year go? Every year we start out fresh with new hopes and dreams. That is unless you tend to be negative minded and have already given up.  Things happen to make it difficult to reach your goals but does that mean you should give up? This year I … [Read more...]

Living With Diabetes

I am not personally living with Diabetes. However, my Mother had it and so does my oldest son. I have been able to see how dealing with the everyday challenges of managing blood sugar can be quite a hassle.  It seems that everywhere you go someone wants to feed you something … [Read more...]