Are You an Overeater?


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Have you ever asked yourself why you got that extra piece of cake or pie, or that big piece of chicken? Why is it that you look in the freezer so often to get just a spoonful then a bowl full of ice cream?

If you have no specific plan for eating why is it that one day you eat all
healthy foods in perfect portions and the next day it is all foods that really
aren’t good for you?

You know where I’m going with this don’t you. We are all emotional eaters just some more than less. We want to feel good and life is full of things that just don’t make us feel good. Food does, at least for a while. It is the same thing for smokers and drinkers. They want to feel good too. Then they develop habits that can take their very lives. We are no different.

Each of us has something that we unconsciously turn to when life throws us a curve ball. As Christians it should always be Christ Jesus. But while we are asking the Lord what He wants us to do to handle this new problem or stress we are also unconsciously reaching for a cookie or something to make us feel better in the meantime.

We have to eat to live. We also eat (and mostly eat)for other reasons. We have a holiday, birthday, graduation, wedding, something else we want to celebrate. We want to join in on the same fun that others enjoy. So we celebrate and eat lots of treats that can pile the pounds on and clog up our arteries. Then there is the other side….

You are lonely and feel unloved. Even in a room full of people you can feel all
alone. You have worked hard but no one appreciated it or seemed to notice. You just had more work piled on you as well. You had plans for something wonderful but they fell through and no one seems to care.
It is all part of life. We have good days and bad. We have faults and failures.
Someone lets us down or just doesn’t understand. When we get down for whatever reason, it is hard to eat healthy perfectly portions meals and limit our snacking to only healthy choices. When we are down, we really don’t care. We just want to feel good about ourselves and our situation in life. We aren’t thinking long term. We just want to get through it.

What is the answer? It is your choice. For me I will praise the Lord and thank Him in every situation I find myself in. I ask for His strength, courage and wisdom to help me be discerning in all the choices of my life. I recognize that with God all things are possible.

But he is not going to put a seal on my lips that keep me from putting in only
healthy choices. If I ask for His guidance then I must be willing to obey when
He leads me. If I fall down He will pick me up but I must be willing to let Him.
If I keep ignoring His guiding hand He will let me go my own way and suffer the consequences of my own way.

What are some of the possible consequences? Obesity and all the things that follow….. higher risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancer, joint problems, High blood pressure which leads to kidney failure

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which leads to dialysis. One thing leads to another and it all began with a failure to eat responsibly.  Is this the only thing that causes these things, of course not. But to realize that you could affect the quality and length of your very own life should be enough to make you pause and think about the food you put into your mouth. Food should be pleasurable. It should not be a source of guilt but it often is.

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