Court Battle between Dyson and Shark- What It Means To You

court fight between Dyson and SharkA while back, I read a news article about the court battles between Dyson and SharkNinja. These two have been rivals for years. Dyson has a hard time believing that Shark is anywhere near as good and Shark believes that they are better. Shark’s advertisements have long been a thorn in the side of the Dyson people.

Just as you might expect the two have filed court charges at each other several times over the years. Dyson wants to claim that Shark is doing false advertising. However,  independant lab tests have verified that the shark product in question did actually do a better job of removing embedded dirt than the Dyson product in the commercials.

Still Dyson was not happy because they claim that their product in question was remodeled and renamed and now has more cleaning ability than the former version. It appears that this model has not been tested by an independent lab yet. Both Dyson’s testing and Shark’s testing could understandably be biased.

The Winner is the Consumer

If you read the related news article found here:

“Finally, SharkNinja sought summary judgment on Dyson’s false advertising claims for the time period beginning December 2014.

The vacuum makers both agree that tests conducted in accordance with ASTM F608 are valid evidence that one product removes embedded dirt better than another product.

According to court records, SharkNinja had received from Intertek reports that showed its NV650 and NV651 Rotator Powered Lift-Away vacuums had higher geomean scores (i.e., removed dirt better) than Dyson’s DC.”

then you know that Dyson’s claims of false advertising were not upheld. You might say that SharkNinja won this round.

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What does all this mean to you the consumer? Just as I stated in an earlier post, the rivalry between these two means that they will keep updating their products with new improvements and innovations. They each one want to be the best that there is.

Dyson has created a model that does not need filters.  It does not have suction as great as the remodeled DC65 which is now called the Dyson Ball Multifloor cleaner. (We do not know how much power the multifloor now has) but the Cinetic does offer the no filter needed technology. Some people love this machine, some people hate it and they don’t mind washing a filter now and then.


Shark Has New Technology As Well

The Newest Shark model is the Apex.  If you want power, versatility and excellent cleaning in a quiet vacuum… then the Apex is for you. The Apex was built with a wider cleaning head (12 inches) but it is still very easy to move in and out and under your furniture. One of the biggest things they did in this model was to make this model much quieter than any other vacuum out there.

Shark DuocleanShark combined the best of their technologies from several different vacuums into one. They are constantly innovating newer technologies into vacuuming products that do a better job. That makes cleaning faster and easier for you.

They also have the duo clean feature in a compact powered lift away model  as well as in their full size models.

If you have seen videos of powerful vacuums snowplowing through cheerios and other debri on the floor, you will understand why this feature was developed. When the brushroll fails to pull the debri into the machine… it simply pushes it ahead and to the side.

Vacuum suction is greater when the floor nozzle is close to the floor. But if the front of the nozzle just pushes things that are too large to be squeezed into that tiny space, you have extra work to do with the hand tool.
The duoclean cleaner head is designed to pull in the debri instead of pushing it ahead or to the side. You can check out the newest most efficient cleaning machine right here. It might be interesting to see what Dyson decides to come up with in answer to that.

If you have visited my page here on Dyson vs Shark then you know that I have and love both brands. My machines are not as up to date as these new models. However, they both have  been around for a while and have demonstrated that they are reliable hard working machines.

Go ahead Dyson and Shark… keep fighting it out and trying to outdo the other. It is we, the consumers, who win with your updated technology and innovations. You help us keep our homes clean no matter what our kids or pets throw at us.




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