Dyson Vs Shark- A Personal Review

Are you shopping for a new vacuum cleaner? For years I have been a devoted fan of the Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner. There is no doubt that it is both powerful and durable. The one that I have is over 10 years old.   It is no longer sold as it has been replaced with  newer updated models such as the Dyson DC41  and the Dyson DC65. When we got it we had two old dogs who shed. That meant frequent cleaning with a good vac. The cleaner outperformed everything I had used prior to that.
Over the years the dogs passed away and we acquired a family of cats: a mama and her babies to whom we got very attached. But that is another story. (still more fur)

If you watch much television then you have seen the commercials pitting Dyson against Shark and other models of vacuum cleaners. Everybody claims to be the best. Who can you believe?

I Thought The Dyson Was Dead

I recently bought a Shark Navigator Vacuum (NV22L) because I mistakenly believed that my old  Dyson was dead. It still ran but it just was not picking up like it used to do. After all, it was over 10 years old. After getting the Navigator I discovered what was wrong with the Dyson, fixed it and now I have two great vacuum cleaners.

So Now, How Do They Compare?

This is my personal opinion based on the two cleaners that I have….. Incredibly close. Now you have to keep in mind that one cleaner is over 10 years old and the other is brand new. They each have features that I love and each is better for different purposes.

First, the Dyson: this machine has a sealed system which keeps dust, pollen or what have you from coming back out into the air. After fixing the problem it still has awesome power and suction after over 10 years of use.

You would think that after years of use you would pay attention and know when you didn’t have it sealed back after clearing a clog. In my own defense, however, there was a tiny little pebble in the way that I just didn’t see. Also, there never were many clogs to clean out. It just didn’t happen. On the rare occasion that I fed the machine something that just shouldn’t be sucked up it still was easy to get it out. The machine I had before my Dyson was constantly getting clogged and those clogs were hard to remove.

I love the extra long cord and large dirt cup that comes with my Dyson. This is a well built machine and looks to be able to last for many more years.

My machine is heavy and a bit clunky to move around objects but from what I have read the newer Dysons are a breeze to use as they are built much lighter and the Dyson Ball technology enables them to swivel into almost any desired position.

Now the Shark Navigator: This little baby is so small and lightweight that it is very easy to underestimate it’s capability. It, too has a sealed system. When I first turned it on and let down the handle it surprised me by actually pulling itself across the carpet. It only does this on carpet mode.

It is very easy to change from carpet mode to bare floor mode..just a flip of the switch close to your hand. The floor nozzle is small but does a great job and enables you to quickly move in and around your furniture for a quick clean up. The only things I don’t like about this one is the smaller dirt cup and shorter cord. However the professional lift away model has a much larger cup. It also has a longer power cord.

What about pet hair? They both do a great job. They both have turbine tools to get hair off the furniture. I was amazed at how well the Shark Navigator pulled hair off my sofa that I could not even see. You could sure see it swirling around in the dirt cup.

The new Dyson DC65 has a new turbine tool has been completely redesigned from what I have. It has brushes that rotate opposite each other that keep the pet hair going into the machine instead of getting tangled up in the tool itself. Dyson also now has a pet grooming tool which really helps to keep hair off your furniture and floors. Wish I would have had one of these when I had dogs.

In my home the Dyson is being used for the bigger jobs so I don’t have to unplug/re-plug or empty the dirt cup as often. The Navigator is used for quick cleanups. The Dyson has proven durability to me. I have used it now for many years with few problems. In fact, the only problem was when I took it apart and then put it back together without paying attention.

The Shark may turn out to be pretty durable too but I don’t think that it is built to last the many years that the Dysons are built to last. The cost for the Shark is much less though and it still is an efficient machine. I have a friend who cleans homes professionally. She also uses a Dyson and it is about 7 years old…still going strong. When she is having her Dyson serviced guess what she uses? Yep, it is a Shark.

Incredible power and suction…both, nothing lacking in either one. I have been told that the new Dysons are relatively quiet machines but the Navigator is pretty quiet too.

ease of use….Shark wins this one especially if you have a lot of furniture or toys to move around. However I don’t have the Dyson Ball technology in my old machine. That is supposed to make it very easy to move in any direction.

durability….have to choose Dyson at least for now. Over ten years old and still going strong. That is dependability. I recently saw some testing done on the DC 65. Even though the warranty is for 5 years the machine is built to last for at least 10 years of use. I believe that because my older model is well over that and still going.

cost…..Shark just may be the better value if you are just cleaning your own home. At least in the short term. It will do the job. If you are doing professional work you may want either the Dyson Animal Complete or an upgraded Shark like the Rotator.
Both brands have a five year warranty. However it really says something about the workmanship of a machine that cleans just as well after 10 years as it did when new.

Like I said, just my opinion based on my own use of the vacuums I have. It looks to me like you would have a winner with either machine. It just depends on how you are going to use it and how much you are willing to pay. You need to remember that whatever you choose your carpet will pay the price if you don’t get the dirt and sand out of the fibers. That will wear out a carpet much too soon. The expense of replacing a carpet is what you will have if you don’t get something that gets it really clean.

With my allergies I know that it has to be something with a sealed system and they both have that. There is no need to worry about allergies in the home with either of them.

I am finding that I am using the Dyson more for bigger jobs and the Shark for smaller clean-ups. The Dyson has a wider path which helps you to get through with large rooms quicker. The smaller head on the Shark makes it easier to get around furniture and in small places. Both are good machines. It just depends on how you are going to use them. The newest Shark product, The Rotator is one that I want to look into further as well. From what I have read you can actually turn down the suction on that one to protect your more delicate rugs or when vacuuming curtains. It also has quite a number of features that have been updated over previous models.

2014 update here